Covenant XV

13:00 otwarcie bram
14:00-14:25 Cień
14:35-15:05 Exmortum
15:15-15:55 Formis
16:05-16:45 Ulcer Uterus
16:55-17:30 Deviation
17:45-18:25 Embrional
18:35-19:25 Infatuation Of Death
19:45-20:15 Infidel
20:30-21:10 Bloodthirst
21:25-22:25 Furia
22:45 Stillborn (XV Anniversary Concert)

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Official Site

ails! At last some good news from our infernal camp. We have recorded five altogether new hateful hymns and once more we join forces with Old Temple Records. This stuff will be released as a regular MCD on 31st of January, 2012. Two tracks are made available on our myspace profile and Facebook profile. The songs are a bit slower, yet they retain aggresion and fucking fury, well known from our previous materials. Fucking enjoy! By the way, as you might have noticed, we have a new logo, prepared in pains by the well-known servant of hell, namely the infamous Christophe Szpajdel!

t last, the moment has come. Having shed hectolitres of unholy blood we wish to announce that finally, our long awaited DVD will see the light of this miserable world! It will be unleashed in January next year. It will consist of a live recording, raw and filthy, made during our blasphemous ritual at Harvest Festival II in Rzeszów, in December 2009, and a videoclip for Unholy Blood part 2 plus some live photos and other shit. As a bonus, it will include a CD with three never before released songs, recorded in 2008, during the session of Ejaculating Chaos. Two new hymns plus a cover song of mighty Sodom. Released as a strictly limited edition (100 copies), it will be prepared by ourselves in collaboration with Eryk from Old Temple Records, only for diehard maniacs. Expect chaos, blood and blasphemy. Not for Dimmu Borgir fans.